Online Exercise Class

The COVID-19 pandemic still provides uncertainty to when normality will return. Despite the government lockdown restrictions to tackle the spread of COVID-19, HELP Hampshire would like to support you in achieving your daily recommended exercise. Dr Faulkner and the practitioners from Hobbs Rehabilitation have organised for two exercise classes to be available to you online weekly.


    Your practisioner can hear, see and interactive with you live, allowing them to monitor your form and offer advice, teaching points, adaptions and corrections in real time. Likewise you can see, hear and interact with your instructor. 

  • Portable

    Simply download MICROSOFT TEAMS Into your preferred internet connected device and click on the class links below. You can take part in online classes from anywhere you have an adequate internet connection. You can exercise in any room you choose, or even take your wifi connected device outside for additional freedom.

  • timetable

    Exercise classes will be hosted every Monday & Thursday. Prior to each exercise class, a meeting link will be present at the bottom of this web page for you to access the group. 

    * Only participants that have performed a health assessment  with the HELP Hampshire team will be eligible to join the class.



1) If you have not previously created a Microsoft Teams account, click the Sign up for free tab. For participants that have used Microsoft Teams before, click the sign in tab. Please click the link below.

Microsoft Teams Link

2) Once your account is verified using the code sent to your email address, please click on either the “Download the Mac app” or “Use the web app instead” Icons. If you have the Teams app, simply click the Launch it now button.

3) To ensure your microphone and camera settings are turned on, please check the circled areas.

The next step, click the purple Join now button to enter the exercise class

4) For each exercise class, please ensure your microphone speaker is muted during the sessions. If you require an enquiry to be heard by the exercise practitioner, please uncheck the mute button.

How to Pay

All exercise class payments will be made online. Please click here to access to online store system. This can be performed prior to your online session.




Monday 10:00am-10:55am

Thursday 11:00am-11:55am

Contact Information:

University of Winchester, Sparkford Road

Winchester, Hampshire S022 4NR


Phone:44 (0)1962 624932