The HELP Hampshire Stroke Clinic will enhance the physical and social quality of life for people living with stroke by reducing the likelihood of secondary stroke through low-cost, flexible, community-based education and exercise clinics. 

The HELP Hampshire Stroke Clinic


"I have worked with Dr Faulkner and his staff at the University of Winchester for the past 2 years. They have provided me with a structured, monitored and safe exercise programme. I have noticed huge improvements in my quality of life. I can walk quicker and for longer, I feel stronger and much more stable on my feet. I highly recommend your participation in the programme. It has been fun, social and very worthwhile." 

Liam Stapleton, Stroke Survivor

Contact Information:

University of Winchester, Sparkford Road

Winchester, Hampshire S022 4NR


Phone:44 (0)1962 624932


Email: enquiries@helphampshire.co.uk