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"A superb programme of exercises initiative of Dr James Faulkner for all stroke survivors.


When I first started attending I was barely out of my wheelchair. Afraid to walk, as I was not at all confident to walk but now with exercises for core muscles, co-ordination, agility, balance, strength, making us more aware, I'm able to walk with my own two legs with a lot more confidence


We have regular assessments which show us individually if any changes are recorded since  previously such as blood pressure, body composition, functional outcomes and walking symmetry. We make some very good friends along the way, many of whom have remained very good friends


Of recent we've had a trial run of a socialising with a joint venture run by the HELP classes and Stroke Association in November and December 2019, and January 2020, which is for us all to regain our speech, which runs after our HELP fitness classes. We all hope it lasts into the future.


I would say it's a revolutionary programme for the benefit of us all. Thank you for helping us James

LLoyd Brammer

"I have worked with Dr Faulkner and his staff at the University of Winchester for the past 2 years. They have provided me with a structured, monitored and safe exercise programme. I have noticed huge improvements in my quality of life. I can walk quicker and for longer, I feel stronger and much more stable on my feet.


I highly recommend your participation in the programme. It has been fun, social and very worthwhile." 

Liam Stapleton

"The HELP Hampshire programme is a fantastic resource for stroke patients , empowering them to continue their rehabilitation journey beyond traditional NHS therapy services whilst creating a supportive peer network in the community. Patients enjoy the exercise and social benefits of attending the HELP Hampshire programme. It’s a valuable next step in stroke patients rehabilitation journey

Louise Darrah

Stroke ESD Team Lead (Specialist Stroke Physiotherapist)

Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

"The HELP Hampshire programme is a unique collaboration between the university, NHS and private sector which offers patients an opportunity to exercise, monitor their health, and take positive steps in their stroke recovery. We feel very privileged to have access to the programme and can see the impact it has on our patients”

Steve Williams

Clinical lead for stroke and Advanced Practice Physiotherapist  

Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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